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My Lady - although I may be asking a little too early, can you help us with
a reminder of the colors of Trimaris and any information we have on Their
Crown, Their personal colors, and Their preferences?

Thank you,


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Greetings, good gentles!

As many of you know, each year at Pennsic, every Kingdom is chosen to gift
towards one other Kingdom, as a sign of welcoming and friendship.

Word has been received, from the powers that be for Pennsic, that the
decisions has been made for Kingdom gifting.  For this Pennsic, our most
Glorias Aethelmearc has the fortune of gifting to the Kingdom of Trimaris!

We have some of the most gifted artisans in the Knowne World within our
borders.  As always, donations towards the gift basket, as well as for the
general largesse coffers, are most welcomed!

In recent months, when Their Graces, Christopher and Morgen, traveled to
Kingdom of Meridies for Gulf Wars, They gifted embroidered sweetbags filled
with spices, personalized banners for TRM of Meridies, wine from the
beautiful wineries within our Kingdom, as well as other largesse gathered
Their Graces most capable hands.  In times past, we have collected flavored
sugar, award medallions, scroll blanks, embroidered handkerchiefs, and
much more.  If any of these gifts inspire you, your donations would be
greatly appreciated!

As always, if you have any questions about the general largesse, etc,
feel free to contact me.  Though we do have a nice stockpile of gifts, very
little is ever denied.

Lady Renata l'Rouge
Kingdom Largesse Coordinator
Duchy of Prydes Keep

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