[SCA-AE] Looking for small wooden scrap and spools

Gwilym/Bill scalongbow at windstream.net
Sun May 3 14:29:03 EDT 2009

A source of wood pcs is rug stores of all places. A lot of times they go 
to install rugs in homes and need to do repairs on the underlying 
floors. They usually use 1/4 inch luane plywood for this. So around the 
dumpsters there may be a unusual shaped remainder of plywood. Great for 
projects. I gotten may pieces that way. I even used old rugs when I 
built my house to lay on the mud in the spring. Then took it back when I 
was done with it. Muddy and all.

Master Gwilym

Saganth/Adam wrote:

>Hello all. With the economy becoming tighter, funds more scarce and prices going up all over, keeping up supplies for projects is getting tougher. Add to that the fact that craft supply stores don't always maintain their stock of craft wood parts very well (my local AC Moore has been terrible in fact), it gets downright frustrating.
>I am wondering if anyone reading this has on hand spare wooden spools (any size) or other small pieces of scrap wood they are willing to donate rather than just throw away. I'm not looking for commerical craft wood suppliers, I can find those. I'm simply looking to see if anyone has wood they'd be willing to share that they have no plans for themselves. I also don't expect anyone to mail the parts to me, they could be sent via SCA mail (hand-to-hand delivery).
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