[SCA-AE] Riversedge A&S Night

Marci and Steve Waleff swally at alltel.net
Sun May 3 12:17:48 EDT 2009

The Shire of Riversedge Arts and Sciences Sessions

The next Riversedge Arts and Sciences Session will be in Thursday, May 7th 
from 6pm until 8pm at Marsi of Hadley's home. Directions can be found at the 
bottom of this missive...

Riversedge is now hosting weekly Arts and Sciences Sessions. YOU choose the 
topics that interest you. YOU teach and share your skills, your passions, 
and your curiosities.

If you have a skill that you would like to share, please contact THBaroness 
Marsi of Hadley at swally at windstream.net or Lady AElfgifu at 
I_elfgiva at yahoo.com and we will gladly put you on our schedule.

If you have an interest in an Arts or Sciences related idea that you would 
like to learn more about, send us your topics and we will work to see if we 
can find a way to help you out.

If you just want to come and hang out and watch others do Arts and Sciences 
related things, that is absolutely okay too.

We plan to meet Thursday evenings from around 6pm until around 8pm. We will 
be alternating houses - and maybe even eventually branching out to new 
locations if needed. For example, if you have an idea of something we could 
do at your location, we can certainly work that in.

Topics that we have considered include, but are certainly not limited to the 

  1.. Bead bobbles
  2.. Wire knitting
  3.. Nalbinding
  4.. Embroidery
  5.. Hand sewing
  6.. Applique
  7.. Leather working
  8.. Shoe making
  9.. Sprang
  10.. Bead making
  11.. Cookery
  12.. Armoring
  13.. Weaving
  14.. Spinning
  15.. Making Scrolls
  16.. Pleating
  17.. Bead stringing

The topic that we will explore this week is...

Viking wire knitting (trichinopoly)...

If you have wire that you think will be useful (28-20 gauge) please bring 
it. Also if you have wire tools such as needle nose or round nose pliers or 
wire cutters. If you have wire knitted before and you have your own stuff 
bring it as well. Otherwise, we will hook you up!


>From Meadville - take Rt 19 south until you get to GEorgetown road. You will 
see a sign for the Wilhelm Winery. Turn left, taking the right hand fork in 
the road. Drive a couple of miles until you get to the winery. Turn right. 
We are the third house on the right.

>From Greenville - Take 358 out of Greenville towards Sheakleyville, turn 
onto 19 north toward Meadville at Camp Perry. *** Go through Sheakleyville 
until you get to the gold brick Church on the left - TURN right onto Church 
street, which will take you over the causeway for Lake Wilhelm. We are at 
the top of the hill after you cross over the lake on the left.

>From I 79 - Get off at the Greenville Sandy Lake exit. Head toward 
Greenville. Turn North onto 19 at Camp Perry and follow from *** above.

We have an old 3 story light blue victorian farmhouse.

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