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> >why can't the Kingdom change its laws to put the Coronations, Twelfth Night, & Crown >_DATES_ in law.
> Personal opinion--because some people are required to go to those events, and that means they have to be able to. I firmly believe that the less we put into law, the better, because you never know what might happen. 
> For instance, we had to change our coronation site at the last minute for various reasons. Having the flexibility to pick from two or three dates meant we could get a good replacement site when it might have been booked the rest of the time.
>  We do not (or at least I do not) want AEthelmearc to become as set in stone as some of the other kingdoms. It makes changing things and doing new things incredibly difficult. One of the most wonderful things about this kingdom is that it has flexibility and people aren't forever saying "We can't do that, because this is the way we've ALWAYS done it".
> -Branwyn

A major part of the problem there is with how the bids are gotten & settled on.  There ws a time (however brief) when the Coronation was in the rotation, with as close to a fixed date as we could get.  The "problem" was that the incoming Royalty didn't get to choose their own site, autocrat, etc., so the law quickly changed.  We have tried to "rework" it since, with the current confused state being the end result.

While I realize how special a Coronation is to the incoming royalty and how emotional this decision can become, I would politely suggest that a Coronation is NOT a wedding.  It is a public ceremony intended to show the continuation of the Crown & Kingdom.  As such, it belongs on the public roster & should move around the Kingdom, as in the rotation.

If the rotation & the date is known far enough in advance, then couples can decide whether they are willing to travel for a Coronation, and thus if they want to enter the Crown Tourney for that particular Coronation.  Also groups can know with confidence that Coronation wuill in their region & thus can make intelligent, reasoned bids.

There are times when the good of the many must override the good of the few.  I believe that Coronation is one of those times.  When Frederick & Nicorlynn reigned in the East, they could have overriden EK Law and had their coronation in Buffalo -- easier for all of us who were involved in the reign.  However, they firmly believed that the good of the Kingdom should trump their own desires, so they went to Windmaster's Hill, I believe, for their XCoronation, as scheduled some months before.  It was at least a 12 hour drive each way.  There are sacrifices you have to make, right?

My two cents' worth, in conclusion to a long missive.....

Coronation, Crown, Twelfth Night, should all be on fixed dates & in the rotation, and groups should be able to bid them well in advance, knowing that the Royalty will not be permitted to veto a bid once it's accepted.  If they were "set in stone" local groups could plan events around those dates with greater certainty, also.

I know I'm in the minority on this, but there you are.

Fridrikr, Curmudgeon-at-Medium.

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