[SCA-AE] Event Conflict

Larry & Colleen Kardasz kardasl+ at pitt.edu
Tue Jan 27 12:37:57 EST 2009

Greetings All,

I have read this discussion with great interest, as a regional seneschal
and an autocrat, I have seen event conflict resolution work very well.  I
think the system we have in place can work, but communication is the key.

While I understand the concept of the lottery and/or draft system.  I
really do not like the ideal.  It could cause more problems then it
solved.  It is hard enough getting seneschals together for a meeting, let
alone a must attend, even just online.  I know there are ways around that,
but I think it just adds another level of red tape.

I would really not be in favor of any system that limits the number of
events a group can have.  I personally love niche events. Small and
intimate is sometime a nice change from the big all encompassing events. I
like different themed events as it give me a great opportunity to research
and learn about things outside of my persona.  Yes I could do this anyway,
but it give me an incentive.

I would like to believe choice is a good thing.  Again I think
communication and planning are the key.  If my event is going to conflict
with another event, then I plan for a smaller, less expensive site and
smaller attendance.

As part of Their Majesties retinue, I have traveled to many parts of this
kingdom recently, and I have to say I am amazed and please to see how
GREAT the people of AEthelmearc are.  I hope we do not do anything to
limit the number of events.

As Always,
In Service

"There is a very fine line between 'hobby' and 'mental illness'." -- Dave

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