[SCA-AE] Gulf Wars, anyone?

Urho Waltterinen crossbow1953 at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 3 18:16:52 EST 2009

William and I will be coming. Currently we're to be camping behind the 
bakery, but would like to be with the Kingdom group.

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> Hi, all.
> We are trying to get organized for Gulf Wars this year.? We have more 
> people than?a cabin will hold coming from the Royal Entourage,?so I am 
> trying to figure out how many other folks are planning on the trip and if 
> it might make sense to try to?get one land assignment.?
> Please mail me if you are planning on going and are intrested in camping 
> with your countrymen. Maybe we can come up with 20 so we can get a real 
> land assignment for folks.
> It might even be worth making a Yahoo group so that we can all be on the 
> same page as people plan their trips.
> Thanks,
> Morgen
> Regina
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