[SCA-AE] *** kings crossing demo update and direction correction ***

john kyle jfkyle at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 18:46:57 EST 2008

my lords and ladies,

It appears sionn, the lost had a hand in the directions to the Kings
Crossing demo on Feb 27th!!!  If you would prefer not to become "the lost"
yourself you will want to follow the corrected directions in this missive.
They begin with the exit from Rt 43 to California.

Oh, by the way, the good gentle from California University of Pennsylvania
(Cal U) advises that she has a large group of excited students planning to
attend the demo and is hoping to attract a large group of excited SCAdians
as well!


The Shire of Kings Crossing is holding a demo of fighting and fencing in the
Student Union of California University of Pennsylvania (C.U.P.) in
California, PA from 6 pm to about 8:30--9 pm on Wednesday,  February 27,

We'll be in the HUGE Performance Center at the Student Union.  There'll be
lots of room for individual combat and, if we have enough combatants,

There will be a table(s) available if you would like to display your A&S or
interesting period items.

Parking is reserved for us next to the Student Union.  Also, there is a
loading dock to offload your gear and food/snack shops right in the

So come to the demo!  Please email sionn, the lost (mka John Kyle) at
jfkyle at gmail.com and let us know you'll be joining us as we demonstrate
fighting, fencing and the SCA to the students of Cal U!


>From the North
Either take I-79 South to I-70 East to Rt 43 or your best route to Rt 43.

**  Take Rt 43 (it is also a part of the PA Turnpike) South to California.
There is a $0.75 toll.  Stay on Rt 43 until you see the Rt 88/California
Business exit.  Take it, merge onto a two lane road.  You will be taken
across an overpass, then up a hill.  Go down a long, steep hill.  You will
come to a stop light at the bottom.  Turn right at the light.  You will see
a sandstone building on your right that clashes with all the red brick Cal U
buildings.  Go past that to the second right and turn up the hill.  Signs
will be posted for you.

>From the West
Take I-70 East to Rt 43 then follow ** above.

>From the East
Take I-70 West to Rt 43 then follow ** above.

>From the South
Take I-79 North to I-70 East.  Follow I-70 East to Rt 43 then follow **

Note:  If you come down Route 88/43  and hit the California exit BEFORE
paying the toll,  please still take it,  just note that it will put you on
the road *after* the overpass.  Turn right to proceed up the long hill.  Not
going up the hill is not deadly...it'll just wind around and take you
through town.  Stay on the road and don't make any turn offs, and you'll be
fine.  See the second note.

Note 2:  If you end up going down through town, when you hit the red light,
go straight.  You'll know that you should go straight if, when at the red
light, the gas station is on your right and the Rite Aid is ahead and to the

Remember.  We'll be looking for the pleasure of your company at California
University of Pennsylvania's Student Union February 27th from 6 pm until
8--9:30 pm!

Many thanks!

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