[SCA-AE] Anyone fix this?

Mick mick at freedminds.com
Mon Feb 12 11:04:42 EST 2007

Please forgive intrusions, but I am growing weary of someone thinking 
this is going to pass along with a fight. This is my fifth, and far 
from last, attempt. I have sent this info to several heralds. I find 
myself wondering what is going on, and why it is being ignored over 
and over.

The information --WHICH IS WRONG -- can be found here:

The line to be corrected:
Red Hand of Ulster: A sinister hand appaumy gules on argent canton or 

appaumy is palm out. Think of someone telling you to stop with a hand 
when looking at the red hand of ulster. Which hand is it? THE RIGHT ONE.

How many people do I need to tell this to to have it fixed?
Someone is mucking about with family heritage here - MINE.
I am appalled by the lack of concern from a group who says it is about 
historical accuracy.

The Red Hand of Ulster is the right hand!
The left hand is the Red Hand of Ireland or the Hand of O'Neill.

British rule changed and adapted the original coat of arms for O'Neill 
(which was the sinister hand - left hand) to the proper hand in 
support of the British rule in Ireland and later Northern
Ireland / Ulster. It was done in an attempt to strike the coat of arms 
of O'Neill - the Irish Kings. Which many Irishmen flew early on to 
protest British invasion of Ireland. The Brits also later made it 
illegal to fly the "Red Hand of Ireland" - the red left hand.

Thanks to the British government's tricks like this many families have 
lost their real coat of arms and part of their heritage.

I would appreciate it if you would not continue this and correct it on 
the site. Let the SCA return something taken long ago by others in its 
actions to relive and enact the past way of life.

Thank you for your time.
--Michéal Anthony Deavid Joseph Brien O'Neill-Taranto
SCA: Taigh

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