[SCA-AE] Petition to rescend the new elbow cop regulation.

Vels inn Viggladi velsthe1 at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 9 13:17:46 EST 2006

>Think about this one people,  This would encourage the practice of  not
>being properly armed and armored when you enter the list.  What happens if
>you lose your primary hand?  Do you make your adversary wait for you to
>properly armor that elbow or do you make it obligatory for him to allow to
>use your primary hand by placing your shield behind your back.  (dag 
>I worked hard for that advantage.)  Think this through.
>Vladimir (two swords) Mechnik

As I have seen it, when the primary hand is lost, the wounded may either 
request of his competition that he may place the shield arm to his back, or 
may concede the bout.

But, that's a regional culture element that springs up from the use of an 
elbow protected from the shield.

In reality, this petition to rescind is more about maintaining individual 
kingdom flavor and identity rather than having hegemony emplaced from above.

As far as safety goes- anecdotally I can say that I have seen fewer elbow 
injuries on those who only have a shield to protect their elbow. But, this 
is only at a 1-0 difference. Experiences of others may vary.


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