Architectural mistake in cyrus ?

Dan White dwhite at
Fri Jul 31 16:19:24 EDT 2009

Denis BUCHER wrote:
> 5. WOAW !!! I think I was able to do what I want but it's 100% kludgy !
> How to do it :
> a) Define a FAKE domain as default domain ! I used ""
> b) Create your mail admin as "cyrus" (without domain !)
> c) Login into cyradm with cyrus at (NOT with cyrus !)
> And it works... Not really elegant but it seems to be the only solution
> (???)
> What do you think ?
> Denis

I think that functionality agrees with my understanding of the 
documentation. Please note that changing virtual domain settings may 
break existing mailboxes...

For instance, creating a mailbox of 'user at default.domain' before setting 
a default domain, then setting 'defaultdomain: default.domain' in your 
imapd.conf will probably break access to that mailbox.

You may want to consider rebuilding your mailstore if feasible, after 
finalizing your configuration.

- Dan

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