sieve extension squirrelmail not working anymore

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Mon May 12 15:10:08 EDT 2008

On Mon, 12 May 2008 19:55:25 +0200
"Alain Spineux" <aspineux at> wrote:

> Did you read this post from Ken Murchison on cyrus-devel ?

No, I hadn't seen this message.
> Subject: [POLL] timsieved STARTTLS implementation
> I have recently been informed that Cyrus timsieved has had an
> incompatible MANAGESIEVE STARTTLS implementation since v2.1.10.  The
> problem is that the server is supposed to automatically issue a
> CAPABILITY response at the completion of STARTTLS, but this
> functionality was removed in v2.1.10 (see bug #1338 for details).
> My question is this:  If I fix timsieved to be compliant with the
> MANAGESIEVE text (which has always been consistent), will this break
> any client implementations?

How do I read this? Will the issue be fixed?
As I see it timsieve should not have to been fixed in teh first place.
It always worked OK. It has been changed and should be made workable
again imho.

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