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Scott M. Likens damm at
Tue Jun 20 12:18:04 EDT 2006

Martin Schiøtz wrote:
> Hi
> I have installed Postfix, Cyrus, Cyrus-sasl, web-cyradm. Every thing
> is using postgres for storing usernames, passwords etc. I'm using lmtp
> for local delivery from Postfix/smtp to Cyrus. All mailboxes are
> virtual.
> My next step is to install Spam control. My plan is to use
> Spamassassin with dcc, razor, pyzor and bayes system. A want mail
> users to be able to disable and enable spam control. I also wan't mail
> users that has enabled spam control to train (sa-laern) and keep their
> own bayes database.
> I have configured a similar system that does these things but with
> sendmail, uw-imap and procmail. But How can I do this with
> postfix/cyrus and virtual bailboxes?
> I can see a lot docs about postfix, cyrus and amavisd-new but can
> amavis-new work with personal bayes db and sa-learn etc.?
> Best regards,
> Martin
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Personally I setup DSPAM against Exim, very nicely.  It doesn't really
use any RBL's just Baysian.

It's very straight forward, Exim > Dspam > LMTP for delivery.

I've had very little hickups, and quite honestly it is the best user
interface, and is the least cpu cost.  Takes .05seconds per email
roughly to scan it, and process it.

The cgi-bin/web-ui allows a user to retrain email with ease, and deliver
mail that was concidered spam by accident.  It's well worth it in my

Take a look at it,


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