Errors while doing Replication

David Carter dpc22 at
Mon Jun 19 05:37:52 EDT 2006

On Tue, 13 Jun 2006, David Korpiewski wrote:

> I'm just about to do some major testing with cyrus and I've been having 
> a terrible time with replication throwing up these types of errors 
> randomly.  I don't understand what this "promoting" and "DELETE" are 
> trying to do.  I definitely don't want to delete the user.cyrus under 
> any condition, so why is it trying to delete it?!  How can I fix these 
> errors oh great gurus of replication?
> The reason that the user.cyrus is even showing is that in postfix, I 
> tell it to "always_bcc" the cyrus user.  This way I have a running queue 
> of all of the messages that I have received on this server.  This is so 
> if we failover and I have to use the replica, I can bounce the email 
> that may not have been processed by the sync process when I bring the 
> master back up.
> Jun 13 16:33:02 lmc1 sync_client[16188]: SEEN davidk user.davidk
> Jun 13 16:33:02 lmc1 sync_client[16188]: MAILBOX user.cyrus
> Jun 13 16:33:02 lmc1 sync_client[16188]: DELETE received NO response:

This suggests that the Mailbox UniqueID on the replica does not match the 
mailbox UniqueID on the master. The replication system wants to delete the 
old version so that it can update the new mailbox.

Check the cyrus.header files.

> Failed to delete user.cyrus: Operation is not supported on mailbox

Looking at mboxlist_deletemailbox() there is a specific test to stop the 
currently logged in user from deleting their own inbox. I infer that you 
are running replication as user cyrus. I would suggest that you 
"always_bcc" to some other mailbox, preferably not an admin user.

> Jun 13 16:33:02 lmc1 sync_client[16188]:  Promoting: MAILBOX user.cyrus 
> -> USER cyrus

This is just a consequence of the delete operation failing. The 
replication engine retries before giving up completely.

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