Replicate to more than one replica?

David Korpiewski davidk at
Wed Jun 7 15:10:44 EDT 2006

> If the original master is recoverable, shouldn't it have the list of 
> what has not yet been propagated?  Why not simply apply these logs?  Are 
> you worried about the logs causing mail to be deleted from the replica?
>> This is technically easier than trying to reconstruct from the logs 
>> what was not propagated, especially since I've found the log files to 
>> be not very informative even in verbose mode.
> Fixing the logs to easily show what's been propagated seems trackable.
> :wes

I am unable to apply the left behind transaction logs of the 
sync_client.  Perhaps I'm just not sure how to do it.

I found another way to do this.  Within postfix is a function called 
"always_bcc" which will copy all incoming email into one mailbox.   What 
  I am planning on doing is that if we have a failover and the master is 
recoverable, I would look at the /var/log/maillog to determine when the 
last sync entry was.  Then go into my mailbox with all of the emails and 
then bounce the ones that didn't make it through the sync process.

Of course there are logistics to this method such as we have to purge 
the bcc mailbox often to keep its size down, etc.  But I'm working out 
those details now.


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