Authentication with DIGEST-MD5 or CRAM-MD5

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> Hi everybody,
>     I'm new to this mailing list and also new to cyrus sasl. I'm trying
> to setup a IMAP server based on the IMAP Aggregator with two machines (A
> Front End with a Mupdate master on it and a Backend with mailbox)... All
> seems to works fine : I've got the synchronisation between the mupdate
> slave and the mupdate master, and I can create new mailbox to user.
>     But my problem is when I want to read my mail via the front end, the
> connection between the front end and the backend failed (with the proxing
> user Murder). All is configured with sasldb with PLAIN /LOGIN
> authentication with saslauthd deamon. It seems that I need to set up sasl
> to use the mechanism DIGEST-MD5 or CRAM-MD5. But I can't create a
> DIGEST-MD5 password with saslpasswd2...
> So, my question is : How can I store my password in sasldb2 with

Your entry in sasldb2 is just fine, but you can't use saslauthd if you want =

to use one of the challenge-response mechanisms. Use auxprop instead ...
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